Why is it so important to keep fruit fresh?


Best source of vitamins and minerals

The quality of the fruit itself depends on how fresh it is, as the quality of the fruit deterioates overtime, so will the amount of viitamins and miinerals in it. Hence it is best to eat fresh fruits to enjoy its health benefits to the fullest


Tastes the best

Of course this goes without saying, fresh fruits taste the best. Not only is it the most optimum in term of vitamin and mineral levels but it is almost the most enjoyable! 


Safe for consumption

Consuming rotten fruits poses several health risks. Hence, it is important to ensure that the fruit you are consuming is fresh and edible if not your plans of eating healthy may end up backfiring.

At The AçaÍ Lab, we ensure every slice and piece of fruit in your bowl is no less than 100% fresh

Real Fruits, Real Nutrients

We source our fruits from the best local farms daily to ensure only the FRESHEST fruits are served to you. This means our fruits get to our kitchen fast, supported by our strong distribution network.


Only Organic

Our fruits are ORGANIC and GMO-FREE. Organic fruits are often fresher as there are no added preservatives.

Research indicates that organic fruits are high in antioxidants, vitamin C, calcium, iron, chromium, and magnesium.